Staff Benefits

Our officers are highly trained and constantly motivated. We believe that a well-taken care of security officer force will uphold our company tradition of providing superior customer service, and will provide extra care when protecting our clients' property.
We offer the following benefits to our employees:
  • U.I.F.
  • SIRA Fees
  • Payment for overtime at required rates
  • Rest days
  • Motivational incentives
  • Rank structure
  • Pension Fund
  • Workmen's compensation (WCA)

Recruitment and Induction

RDS Security Services employs security officers that are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority of South Africa (PSIRA).

When sourcing staff, we employ a rigorous vetting procedure that ensures we find only the most dependable officers who are guaranteed to honour and uphold our core company values and outstanding customer service tradition.

Our recruitment and induction procedure includes the following:
  • Dedicated management involvement
  • Psychometric profile and testing (integrity testing)
  • Dedicated core team of security officers
  • Site-specific trained officers
  • Screening and selection.
  • Employment contracts
  • Registered security personnel
  • Induction training based on clients' needs