Off Site monitoring

RDS Security offers our clients an offsite monitoring solution. We use the latest software and the latest camera equipment to monitor your residential property, Industrial property, retail store or office block. We have highly trained staff in the control room which will monitor the cameras 24h, 7 days a week. Any threat or misconduct viewed by our control room will then be addressed. The control room operator will be in contact with reaction vehicle which will then assist you in any situation you might have.

Why would you want off site monitoring?
  • Much more cost effective – Reduces amount of security guards on site
  • 24h viewing of your site and what's going on
  • Better reporting with video footage in any event that arises on site
  • Control room operators that view and analyze all footage. They have the recourses to contact the police fire department or ambulance in any situation
  • It eliminates the human factor – Corruption, sleeping, lack of training, etc.

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