Armed response

RDS Security has fully functional control room which can monitor all alarms for deferent premises. We have highly trained response officers and constant radio communication with our patrol vehicles, our vehicles is on permanent patrol 24hours 365 days a year. Armed Response provides a passive and active deterrent to burglars and other threats to your family, your residence and your business.

Rds security aims to become the leading response company in the ‘Westrand and we are goal orientated to provide our clients with the best possible service. Our aim is to have a 4 minute or less response time to our clients this meaning that each area will have dedicated cars handling its area and not leaving the area for alarms in other areas.

Continues training ensures that all our armed reaction officers are always on par with the latest crime trends and modus operandi of the perpetrators.

Monitoring of Alarms
RDS Security monitors your alarm system in your home. With staff in the control room your alarm is being monitored 24h per day. The alarm systems in your house is linked to our control centre which is then monitored thru our software, once an alarm is activated it is analyzed and action is then taken. All alarms are data locked so if you need any information on activations in the future we can provide you with this information.

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